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Portable Compressor Components

All portable compressors are different, though most have several parts in common, depending on the design. Key features of a Quincy single-stage portable compressor include the:

Portable Air Compressor Care and Maintenance

Taking care of the various parts of a portable air compressor requires periodic inspections and maintenance. Doing so regularly ensures compliance with your unit’s warranty and helps reduce the risk of unexpected downtime due to equipment failure. Each compressor has different maintenance requirements, though common service items often include keeping the intake vents clean, checking hoses and tightening fasteners, changing the unit’s oil and air filters when necessary and cleaning the fuel tank.

The Quincy Compressor NO-BULL Warranty

Not only do Quincy portable compressors boast low maintenance requirements, we also back them with one of the most comprehensive warranties in the business. You can choose our three-year extended warranty option. Our exclusive “NO-BULL” package comes with everything you need to perform regular maintenance for your purchase, saving up to 15% on the cost of purchasing replacement portable air compressor parts separately.